Geyser at Home

Experience Pure Water at Home for Drinking, Cooking and Washing

We offer three core products to help turn your tap water into clean, fresh, healthy water, with the hardness removed.

Matisse — Our sleek filtering jug efficiently filters your tap water.  If you’re only looking to purify your drinking water, this is a great introduction to our filtering solutions.  It uses our exclusive Catalon technology.

EcoThis filtering system is installed under-counter and automatically cleans all water that comes out the tap.  This gives you wonderfully clean, fresh, soft water (with the healthy minerals left in), for drinking and cooking.

This system is typically used in the kitchen, is quick and simple to install, and uses our incredibly powerful Aragon technology.

Typhoon — This advanced filtering system attaches to your mainline and filters all water that flows into your home.  This gives you wonderfully clean water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and also for washing.  This system typically will require professional installation, and uses our exceptional Aragon technology.