Market-Leading Filtration

Introducing the Aragon & Catalon Filtering Technologies

Although based on the same research and filtering breakthroughs, our products belong to two separate groups:

Aragon Technology — This is our top-tier filtering technology that removes an incredible amount of impurities, surprisingly rapidly.  This technology is found in our installed products — the Eco and the Typhoon.

Catalon Technology — This technology is found in our Matisse jug and of course in each of the replacement cartridges for that jug.

It isn’t quite as powerful as the Aragon technology, and this is simply due to the fact the filters are smaller.  That said, the level of filtering is still remarkable and is far superior to drinking water straight from the tap.

Both of these technologies remove most or even all of hardness from water, as well as heavy metals, chlorine, bacteria and viruses, suspended particles like rust, and much more besides.

For further details regarding how your water is purified, please see our product pages for Typhoon, Eco and Matisse.  We’ve also included more information below:

Complete Removal of Bacteria and Viruses

Our filters are shown to remove 100% of bacteria and viruses from your water.

This has been independently tested (more details below) — there was complete removal of poliovirus, rotavirus, legionella and salmonella.

Turns Hard Water Soft (Without Salts)

The ion exchange part of our four-step filtering process removes hardness salts from your water.

This gives you soft water, but without the higher levels of sodium you would find if you had used softening salts.

Takes Out the Bad, Keeps In the Good

Whereas many water filters indiscriminately remove the good along with the bad, our technologies remove the impurities from your water, while keeping in the healthy minerals.

This gives you wonderfully healthy, great-tasting, and fresh water, on demand.

Incredible Filtering That Works Rapidly

Our filters work remarkably quickly removing chlorine, heavy metals, suspended particles, bacteria and viruses, and many other impurities commonly found in water.

Our Aragon and Catalon filters won’t leave you waiting around for clean water.

Scientifically Proven — Used Worldwide by Millions of Customers

Our filtering technology began development in 1988, and since then our filters have been used by over 20 million customers worldwide.  In fact we estimate that our filters purify more than 100 million litres of water every single day, in homes, boats, and industrial settings, in many different countries.

Development of our unique filtering technology has continued year after year, to help keep us at the forefront of water purification.  In fact, the Wellthy Corporation confirmed the compliance of our home filtering solutions with the incredibly strict water testing standards of Japan.

And here at – we’re the exclusive distributor in western Europe for these remarkable filtering solutions.

Independently Verified

To ensure our solutions remain market-leading, we have our products and technologies tested by third-part laboratories.  For example – in 2014 the French-based Institut Pasteur, independently confirmed our filters removed the following to 99.9999%: poliovirus, rotavirus, legionella and salmonella.

Multi-Patented Technology

As our development of these technologies has continued, we’ve made sure to patent our claims through strict independent testing.

Further details and links regarding a number of our patents can be found below.

Universities and Institutes

Ferrara Research University (Italy)
Department of Microbiology. EN 14476:2007 requirements and testing methods.

Ahlstrom Filtration Company (US)

R&D Institute of Flu

RAMS Research Institute on Human Ecology and Environmental Hygiene

Named after A.N. Sysin.

FSBE R&D Institute of Occupational Health of the RAMS


Protected and verified by over 20 patents, including:

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