Geyser MAX is designed to effectively soften, reduce scale and purify hard water. Thanks to the use of the latest innovative filtering materials – the Aragon Max cartridge and the special combination of ion-exchange resins AquaSoft – the ability of the Geyser MAX filter to eliminate scale 6 times longer than traditional water softening systems. This filter does not need periodic maintenance (regeneration).

Geyser MAX contains: mechanical filtration, ion exchange, sorption, iron removal and decontamination.

Aragon’s intrinsic quasi-softening effect (patent number 2286953) allows you to saturate the water with useful calcium (Aragonite).

Geyser MAX introduces a new innovative process, thanks to which the whole system has an incredible lifetime and a consistently high degree of purification from excess hardness salts, chlorine, iron, heavy metals, bacteria and other harmful impurities throughout the service life. In the purified water useful elements including calcium and magnesium are completely preserved.

The Geyser MAX system uses slim line 10 ”cartridges.
Cartridge Aragon Max is created with Aragon material (patents №2203721
and 57142) and has all its advantages:
High removal efficiency of impurities (hardness salts, iron, heavy metals, radionuclides, chlorine, etc.).

Active silver in indelible form inhibits the reproduction of filtered bacteria.

Self-indication of the resource – the occurrence of scale or reduced water pressure indicate the need to replace the cartridge.

Anti-throwing – all filtered impurities are irreversibly delayed. in the labyrinth structure of the cartridge.

Quasi-softening – in the process of filtering water through the Aragon salt cartridge stiffness is converted into a useful form of calcium – Aragonite (prevention of cardiovascular diseases).

Purified water without the need for boiling.

No scale on the heating elements of your kettle.

Please note: We include even more information about the Max system, along with online ordering options, at our online store Geyser Direct.

Discover Market-Leading Filtering Performance

    Clear or transparent
    Composite cartridge AQUASOFT;
    Unique cartridge ARAGON MAX
    CBC – high quality activated coconut carbon with silver.
    ATTENTION: Efficiency is achieved only with this bundle and such a sequence of cartridges.

What Aragon Max Removes:

Please note: This is not close to an exhaustive list…

The table below will give you an indication of how much of the impurities commonly found in water are removed by the Aragon Max cartridge:

Heavy metalsup to 99% removed
Radioactive materialsup to 99% removed
Chlorine100% removed
Organic compounds92% removed
Dirt, sand and harmful particlesOver 0.1 micron in size - 100%
Lead, zinc, cadmium100% removed
Hardness saltsup to 50%
Scale reductionup to 85%
Microorganisms and E.coliover 99% removed

Brief Technical Overview

The Aragon Max water filtering systems are based on our Aragon technology.

Here is a brief overview of the technical specifications of Aragon Max systems:

Size: (mm)380x310x140
Water purification from:4°C - 40°C
Maximum operating pressure:7 ATM
Typical Filtering Speed:3 litres / min
Made From:Food grade plastic made in Germany
Weight:6.5kg without packaging
Connector:Quick fit tube (connectors included)