The Geyser Bio is a revolutionary drinking water filter. The three step system cleans drinking water with proven 100% efficiency, meaning complete protection from bacteria, viruses and more.

The system is available in several variants, catering for specific water requirements.


• Available in white or transparent casings

• Choose for soft water, hard water or iron-rich water

• 100% effective water treatment



• Available in white or transparent casings

• Choose for soft water or hard water

• Our engineers designed this system to be ‘200%’ effective. It’s the solution when you do not trust your water supply for cleanliness and want double protection.

This is our flagship purification system which is based on a modified version of our remarkably powerful Aragon filtering technology in a 3 step system that provides:

1 — Mechanical filtration

2 — Aragon Bio

3 — Charcoal

This Removes:

Suspended particles such as rust and dirt.

Heavy metals including lead and zinc.



Bacteria and viruses – 100%

The water purified by Geyser Bio can be drunk without boiling making this possibly, quite literally, a life saving system.

Thanks to the unique Aragon Bio cartridge, this system is guaranteed to remove from the water all harmful bacteria and viruses (patent No. 2506232).

This is confirmed by test reports 10/12, 11/12 of 10/12/2012 IPL PES Emergencies Ministry

• SRI them. A. N. Sysina (Moscow),

• University of Ferrara (Universita di Ferrara) (Italy),

• Pasteur Institute (France).

Advantages of the unique material Aragon (patent No. 2203721):

• High removal efficiency of impurities (hardness salts, iron, heavy metals, radionuclides, chlorine, etc.).

• Active silver in indelible form inhibits the reproduction of filtered bacteria.

• Self-indication of the resource – the occurrence of scale or reduced water pressure indicate the need to replace the cartridge.

• All filtered impurities are irreversibly trapped in the labyrinth structure of the cartridge.

• Quasi-softening – in the process of filtering water through an Aragon cartridge, hardness salts are converted into a useful form of calcium – Aragonite (patent No. 2286953)

• Purified water during boiling does not scale to the heating elements

Please note: We include even more information about the Bio system, along with online ordering options, at our online store Geyser Direct.

Discover Market-Leading Filtering Performance

  • Full removal of bacteria and viruses. Thanks to the patented technology Electrosorb, Geyser Bio filters completely remove viruses and bacteria from the water. It is the only material in Europe that has similar properties. Efficiency has been repeatedly proven by leading Russian and European research centers, including the Pasteur Institute, France.
  • Choice of housings and style. Choose the version of the case that is most suitable for your kitchen! Ultra Bio formats available for specialist applications.
  • Reliable and simple. The Bio filter is easy to install and maintain – it is very easy to change the filter cartridges. The body is made of food-grade plastic and can withstand pressure of six times the working pressure.

What Aragon Bio Removes:

Please note: This is not close to an exhaustive list…

The table below will give you an indication of how much of the impurities commonly found in water are removed by the Aragon Bio system:

Heavy metalsup to 99% removed
Radioactive materialsup to 99% removed
Chlorine100% removed
Bacteria and viruses, including
legionella and salmonella
up to 100% removed
Dirt, sand and harmful particlesOver 0.1 micron in size - 100%
Lead, zinc, cadmium99% removed
Iron95.0% removed
Hepatitus A virus, rotaviruses and norovirusesover 99% removed
Microorganisms and coliform bacillusover 99% removed

Brief Technical Overview

The Aragon Bio water filtering systems are based on our Aragon technology.

Here is a brief overview of the technical specifications of Aragon Bio systems:

Size:Aragon Bio - 10SL (CBC + Mechanical Filtering also 10SL)
Water purification from:4°C - 40°C
Maximum operating pressure:7 ATM
Typical Filtering Speed:3 litres / min
Made From:Food grade plastic made in Germany
Weight:6.5kg without packaging
Connector:Quick fit tube (connectors included)