Discover Purer Water

Easy-to-Install, Industrial Strength Water Filtering for Home & Marine Use

Geyser Advanced Water Filters offer you exceptional water purification through solutions that also:

• Automatically soften water.

• Give you fantastic tasting water while keeping the healthy minerals in.

Whether looking for a “whole home” solution, an under-counter solution, or even just an effective filtering jug…

If purity of water is important to you, Geyser Filters may well be the solution you’ve been looking for.

In fact – our Pure Water Promise guarantees that you’ll be absolutely thrilled with:

• The quality of water these filters give you.

• The speed at which these filters work.

• The surprisingly long lifespan of these filters.

You benefit the following ways:

Easy Cleaning

Since our filters automatically soften water, this means streak-free cleaning all around your home, allowing your windows, taps, and cutlery to simply shine. 

Importantly – this water softening is achieved through ion exchange rather than softening salts, which means that soap washes away easily, and that there’s no excess sodium left in the water.

Healthy Bathing

By filtering out impurities and turning hard water soft through ion exchange, this helps your skin and hair to be healthy and vibrant.

Typically – chlorine, hardness, and other impurities in water can quite negatively affect the health of your skin and hair.  Whereas our filtering gives you the benefits of soft and clean water, without the frustration of feeling like the soap never quite washes away.

Hardness Removed

One of the four steps in our filtering process is “ion exchange”. This has the hugely beneficial effect of removing hardness without needing softening salts.  Which is why we like to call our approach “quasi softening”.

This is beneficial for your health, and also for appliances in your home.  This means you get limescale and sodium free water, with the healthy minerals kept in.

Pure Water

Our four-step approach to filtering your water works through:

1 — Mechanical filtration

2 — Ion exchange

3 — Sorption

4 — Disinfection

This means — wonderfully clean and healthy water, that helps your body stay fit and healthy.

NO – chlorine, sediment, calcium, bacteria, viruses, radioactivity, heavy metals, pesticides, organics, odour, bad taste

ONLY – clarity